Ashley Cooper has always been passionate about the environment and in recent years Global Warming, the affects of which he has been documenting for the last 8 years. His trips have taken him to many parts of the world with his particular interest being in capturing images that graphically demonstrate the impact of global warming, on people, places and wildlife. A background in natural sciences underpins and informs much of Ashley’s work.

Very few photographers internationally have concentrated on the problems of global warming, and this site is the world’s only dedicated, climate change picture library. Ashley is constantly adding to his portfolio of global warming images.

Ashley’s work is represented internationally by Corbis, Alamy and Photoshot, in the US by Aurora and Visuals Unlimited and in the UK by Specialist Stock.

Ashley is the Chairman of the Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team, the busiest mountain rescue team in the British Isles. He lives in Ambleside with his wife Jill and Border Collie, Tag.P1120862