Gordon Brown

I have just come out of a conference call with Gordon Brown, organized by Avaaz.org. The British Prime Minister answered questions from around the world put to him by members of Avaaz. This clearly demonstrates the power of the international community to co-operate, working over the internet, to let politicians know the strength of feeling amongst members of the public on the issue of climate change. As citizens of planet earth we all have a responsibility to our shared future on this fragile world of ours.

One of the delegates asked Gordon, what we could do to help support his leadership, in trying to persuading other world leaders to sign up to a legally binding treaty on carbon emissions, at Copenhagen. His answer was to continue to protest, to make our voices heard and to lobby politicians. One of the ways you can do this it to sign up to the Climate Change Secretary, Ed Milliband’s Pledge. You can add your voice and sign Eds Pledge here.


The British Climate Change Secretary of State, Ed Milliband.

The British Climate Change Secretary of State, Ed Milliband.

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